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Caleb Warren


Tedx Talks

What Makes Things Cool?
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, February  2018
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What Makes Things Cool? How Autonomy Influences Perceptions of Coolness ~ Journal of Consumer Research

(w/ M. C. Campbell)

Ironic Consumption ~ Journal of Consumer Research

(w/ G. S. Mohr)

Brand Coolness ~ Journal of Marketing

(w/ R. Batra, S. Loureiro, & R. Bagozzi)


Opinion: What Makes Things Humorous ~ Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences

(w/A. P. McGraw)

Crazy-Funny-Cool Theory: Divergent Reactions to Unusual Product Designs ~ Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (w/ M. Reimann)

Is Being Emotionally Inexpressive  Cool? ~ Journal of Consumer Psychology (w/ T. Pezzuti & S. Koley)

A Risk of Meaning Transfer: Are Negative Associations More Likely to Transfer than Positive Associations ~ Social Influence

(w/ M. C. Campbell)


Academic Papers
Selected Press Coverage

10 Characteristics of Brand Coolness-- And How to Engineer Them ~ American Marketing Association

August 7, 2019

Why White Castle has become a Valentine’s Day dinner destination ~ Vox

January 25, 2019

We buy each other gifts with misanthropic slogans to forge a common bond ~ Vox

November 9, 2018

Caleb Warren on Marketing Matters ~ Wharton Business Radio

September 17, 2018

Irony is Back in Fashion ~ MarketWatch

August 25, 2018

UA Researchers Say Irony is the New Black ~ Tucson Weekly

August 21, 2018

Wanna Look Cool? Give Smiling a Shot ~ US News

May 20, 2018

UA Researchers Link Smiling Faces with Coolness ~ Arizona Public Media

May 17, 2018

People Who Smile Are Regarded as Cooler ~ Science 2.0

April 20, 2018

Not Smiling Doesn't Make You Look Cooler: Study ~ New York Post

April 16, 2018

Not Smiling Won't Make You Cooler, According to Science ~ Moneyish

April 15, 2018

Study: Smiling Makes You Seem Cooler ~ Psych Central

April, 2018

The Hidden Science Behind What Makes Things Cool

~ The Rooster

August 11, 2017

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