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Caleb Warren


Tedx Talks

Humor Ted Talk by Caleb Warren at Bocconi University in 2013
What Makes Things Funny?
Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, February  2013
Academic Papers
Selected Press Coverage
America's Funniest Cities Project

w/the Humor Research Lab (HuRL), April 2014

Benign Violations: Making Immoral Behavior Funny

~ Psychological Science (w/ A. P. McGraw)


Differentiating What Is Humorous From What Is Not

~ Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (w/ A. P. McGraw)

Humor, Comedy, and Consumer Behavior ~ Journal of Consumer Research (w/ A. Barsky & A. P. McGraw)

What Makes Things Funny? An Integrative Review of the Antecedents of Laughter and Amusement ~ Personality and Social Psychology Review (w/ A. Barsky & A. P. McGraw)


Opinion: What Makes Things Humorous ~ Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences

(w/A. P. McGraw)

Crazy-Funny-Cool Theory: Divergent Reactions to Unusual Product Designs ~ Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (w/ M. Reimann)

Too Close For Comfort or Too Far to Care? Finding Humor in Distant Tragedies and Close Mishaps ~ Psychological Science

(w/ A. P. McGraw, L. E. Williams, & B. Leonard)


Humorous Complaining ~ Journal of Consumer Research

(w/ A. P. McGraw & C. Kan)

When Does Humorous Marketing Hurt Brands? ~ Journal of Marketing Behavior (w/A. P. McGraw)


The Rise and Fall of Humor: Psychological Distance Modulates Humorous Responses to Tragedy

~ Social Psychological and Personality Science

(w/ A. P. McGraw & L. E. Williams)


Revisiting External Validity: Concerns about Trolley Problems and Other Sacrificial Dilemmas in Moral Psychology

~ Social and Personality Psychology Compass

(w/C. Baumann, A. P. McGraw, & D. Bartels)


Appreciation of Humor ~ The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies 

(w/ A. P. McGraw)

Being Funny is Not Enough: The Influence of Perceived Humor and Negative Emotional Reactions on Brand Attitudes ~ International Journal of Advertising 

(w/ E. P. Carter & A. P. McGraw)


The Benign Violation Theory of Humor  

~ The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies (w/ A. P. McGraw)


Psychological Distance ~ The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies 

(w/ A. P. McGraw & L. E. Williams)

Break Out the Chewbacca Mask and You Won't Laugh Alone ~ New York Times

May 27, 2016

Hey! What Are You Laughing At? ~ NPR

April 25, 2016


Why Are Those Viral Facebook Posts So Funny? ~ Discovery News

November 10, 2015


Would You Pull the Trolley Switch? Does It Matter? ~ The Atlantic

October 9, 2015


Too Soon? ~ This American Life

August 14, 2015


In PBR's Big Milwaukee Homecoming, The Brewing Giant Goes Micro ~ NPR

August 5, 2015


Have Another Bite: Do You Suffer From 'Progress Bias'? ~ CNBC

April 3, 2015


The Real Reason You Can't Lose Those Last Five Pounds ~ The Men's Journal

April 2, 2015


Trying to Lose Flab? Don't Overestimate Yourself ~ The Times of India

March 5, 2015


That's Funny — but Why? Alan Alda on the Science of Humor ~ Bloomberg

Jan 7, 2015


When pursuing goals, people give more weight to progress than setbacks ~ Science Daily

Dec 16, 2014


Is One of the Most Popular Psychology Experiments Worthless? ~ The Atlantic

Jul 24 2014


The coolest brands have element of rebellion, A&M researcher says ~ The Eagle (front page)

Jun 15, 2014


Sales Strategy: Stay Cool, Cute and Exclusive ~ Wall Street Journal

Jun 12, 2014

The Real Reason Hipsters Love PBR ~ Huffington Post

May 29, 2014


Wanna Be Cool? Here's How ~ Forbes

May 27, 2014


Toward a Universal Theory of 'Cool' ~ The Atlantic

May 23, 2014


Do Different Things Make Liberals and Conservatives Laugh? ~ New York Magazine

May 22, 2014


Here Are the Funniest Cities in America ~ Time

Apr 22, 2014


So These Professors Walk Into a Comedy Club ...~ New York Times

Apr 19, 2014


A Quest to Understand What Makes Things Funny ~ The New Yorker

Apr 1, 2014

The Very Serious Science of Humor ~ Vox

December 20, 2022

Yes, Make Coronavirus Jokes ~ The Atlantic

April 3, 2020

10 Characteristics of Brand Coolness-- And How to Engineer Them ~ American Marketing Association

August 7, 2019

What's so funny? The science of science of why we laugh ~ Scientific American

June 26, 2019

Why White Castle has become a Valentine’s Day dinner destination ~ Vox

January 25, 2019

Caleb Warren on Marketing Matters ~ Wharton Business Radio

September 17, 2018

Irony is Back in Fashion ~ MarketWatch

August 25, 2018

UA Researchers Say Irony is the New Black ~ Tucson Weekly

August 21, 2018

Wanna Look Cool? Give Smiling a Shot ~ US News

May 20, 2018

UA Researchers Link Smiling Faces with Coolness ~ Arizona Public Media

May 17, 2018

People Who Smile Are Regarded as Cooler ~ Science 2.0

April 20, 2018

Not Smiling Doesn't Make You Look Cooler: Study ~ New York Post

April 16, 2018

Not Smiling Won't Make You Cooler, According to Science ~ Moneyish

April 15, 2018

Can Laughter Really Make Our Lives Better? Researchers Say Yes ~ UA News

April 11, 2018

Study: Smiling Makes You Seem Cooler ~ Psych Central

April, 2018

What Makes Something Funny? ~ The Atlantic

March, 2018

Hey, What's So Funny? ~ NPR

February 23, 2018

Nuclear War Doesn't Seem So Funny After All ~ New York Times

November 18, 2017

The Hidden Science Behind What Makes Things Cool

~ The Rooster

August 11, 2017

Those Funny Ads May Make You Laugh, But Maybe Not Buy ~ UANews

November 30, 2016

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